Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why I Am Doing This Course

My work at Abertswyth University is involved with ICT and audio visual provision and over the last four years I have been evangelising about the use of lecture capture in Higher Education. I was largely responsible for the adoption of Panopto lecture capture at Abersywtyh University. It seemed a natural step to investigate MOOCs and I thought there was no better way other than enrol on a course. Better still this is in the very area that interests me.
I looking forward to the start of the course and hopefully discussing and debating the topics raised.


  1. Hello Nigel, I'll be interested what your take on MOOC's is as we go on. I work with schools, helping them connect via ICT, blogs etc. I've seen it in action and it can work so well. I wonder how a completely open & larger MOOC environment will compare.

    Best wishes

  2. Chris
    I have an open mind at the moment so looking forward to the course. I suspect that, as someone who promotes and supports ICT within a university, I will have a biased perspective.
    I was responsible for the adoption of lecture capture at Aberystwyth university and this sits nicely with MOOCs