Monday, 10 December 2012

Triberr test

Just testing Triberr. Thanks to Eric Clark for making me aware on #EDCMOOC
I am amazed that how much activity is going on at #EDCMOOC prior to the course starting.
One thing I was sort of aware of but have had confirmed via #EDCMOOC is the bewildering array of e-learning application available.
I am interested in how Triberr works and what it offers me.


  1. HI Nigel, I am one of your fellow quad bloggers.
    My name is Willa and I teach LD students in a Resource Room setting. K thru 3, but this year, I teach mostly third graders... reading and math with some writing support within their individual classrooms. In response to your triberr comment....I too thought it was a good idea. I signed up, was one of the first to join Eric's tribe , then I got a status alert error and couldn't link my blog. I left the tribe and quite frankly I think it's more bother than it's worth.
    I am overwhelmed at all the different apps and platforms that we will be using throughout our course,but willing to try each one. Laurie N. gave me some resources that will help me navigate this Edcmooc course. Powerful Learning Practices Web 2.0 Tools Pre-game Course.

  2. Hi Willa. Forgive my ignorance but what does the LD stand for?
    I am not convinced by the myriad of methods of digital communication I suppose you have to select what works for you and concentrate on them.
    One of the most interesting yet simple applications reccommended to date on #EDCMOOC is wallwisher. I have set up a wall for my team in work. I know we can communicate in other ways but this has all the comments on one page, it is ideal for an ideas wall. It is similar to the difference between PowerPoint and Prezi. Are you familiar with Prezi?
    Ok time for zzzz

  3. Hi Nigel
    LD Learners with disabilities
    I like wall wisher. Maybe someone can make a doc. so we don't have to scroll down so far. ? I wish more people would post their definition or opinion. It seems like every time I check out the wall it's the same.
    Not familiar with Prezi yet
    Time for football!

  4. I like the wallwisher, too. It's sort of like digital/textual graffiti--sharing one's thoughts in a central place--but not in a linear fashion. I really like that. I can see how this will be a great tool for my teaching. Looking forward to reading your blog/Twitter/FB as we go along!