Monday, 3 December 2012

Twitter and me

Up until the announcement by the admin of the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC I had not used Twitter much, in fact I could not see the point as most tweets I had seen were things like ' I am at Aunt Flo's and just had a cup of tea' with a reply of 'enjoy' to be fair this was in the early days.

Since making an effort to investigate Twitter further I can see it's attraction.
I have accessed so many publications, sites and comments on a wide variety of subjects during this investigative phase for the EDC course I no longer have any reservations about Twitter if used intelligently.
In amongst those I follow there was even a tweet form Julia Gillard the Australian premier
By the way I can't see Cameron tweeting Gove and saying 'mate, can you please answer'

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  1. hashtags are a great use of Twitter. Use them at an event or conference to crowdsource opinions, ideas. Here's one I did at work in June
    And here is a list of very active hashtags amongst educators. Great way to pick up tips, ask q's, build a personal learning network